lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2010


I've had an inspiration of combining fabric into my jewelry since I came across this black lace bow necklace in Ireland. In the absence of suitable lace I picked up some see through ribbon yesterday in  an attempt to combine it with glass pearls. The idea behind the necklace is to double up the ribbon and sew it into a tube. Pearls are inserted into the tube and are held in place by knotting the ribbon tube after each pearl. Relatively simple technique except I still need to figure out what type end findings to use. My fingers are itching to get going already. However, I do not own a sewing machine. I guess I could sew this by hand, but it will be extremely time consuming not to talk perhaps little unreliable. 

Olen halunnut toteuttaa kaulakorun, jossa yhdistelen kangasta ja helmiä. Inspiraation koruun sain aikoinaan Irlannista hankkimastani pitsi rusetti kaulakorusta. Koska en ole vieläkään löytänyt sopivaa pitsiä, nappasin eilen Askarellista läpikuultavaa lahjanauhaa. Ideana olisi puolittaa nauha ja ommella siitä pitkulainen tuubi. Helmet pujotellaan yksitellen tuubin sisään, joka solmutetaan kunkin helmen jälkeen. Tämä erottelee helmet toisistaan ja pitää ne omalla paikallaan.  Vielä pitäisi keksiä minkälainen korunosa toimisi parhaiten luultavasti melko paksuhkon nauhatuubin päässä. En millään malttaisi enää hillota helmiä kaapissa, mutta en omista ompelukonetta ja ajatus käsinompelusta ei juuri innosta. Luulen, että tarpeeksi tiivin tikkauksen aikaansaamiseksi menisi ikuisuus.

Should the text also appear in Finnish / Tulisiko tekstin olla myös suomeksi?

keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2010


These lampwork glass beads have been haunting my bead supply boxes forever. I ordered them ages ago expecting them to be much smaller and different colour. Since they didn't quite fit the bill of what I was planning they have laid abandoned at the back of the cupboard. I also used swarovski crystals and old orange wooden beads inherited from my mum. I first struggled to attach the beads in place on the 2 mm thick cotton cord until I remembered some black coloured metal wire leftovers I had. 

Bold colour combination reminds me of a tiger ....rraarrr!!! - hence the name

tiistai 2. helmikuuta 2010

Birthday bliss in Tallinn

Last week I travelled to Tallinn, Estonia for two days of great company, relaxation, pampering and bubbly. This trip was birthday gift including travel, luxurious accommodation and a choice of spa treatment. Since the freezing temperatures and frosty wind didn't encourage for timely outdoor activities we decided to take the full benefit of the luxurious courtyard suite at Merchant House Hotel situated in the heart of Tallinn's old town. 

I had heard lot of good things about this small boutique hotel and had wanted to stay here for the longesttime. It was well worth it - the hotel has a rustic old time charm (as you can see), service is great and the suite is well worth the money. 57m2 of beautifully designed space with a sitting room area, sauna and a log fire., all for €155 for a night.  I cannot describe how amazing it was to warm frostbitten fingers and toes in front of the fire whilst sipping some champagne.

Next morning I enjoyed a sea salt full body scrub and massage to smooth that dried up winter skin. After 90 minutes of relaxing bliss my skin felt like baby's bottom and mine and body rejuvenated. Besides some nice red wine I did no shopping at all. I did found though a lovely black leather handbag in -30% sale which I eventually received as a birthday gift.