perjantai 18. syyskuuta 2009

Double take

This Saturday I witnessed two couples tying the knot. Since it was an autumn wedding and I opted for a dark look. With shoes and accessories I am hopefully succeeded to bring some softness into otherwise simple and classic look. I found this amazing double necklace with a detachable lace bow. It is so cute that I am desperately trying to find some lace to make my own too. Does anyone know where I could score some lace in a form of tube? I suppose it is quite similar to wire lace ribbon with the exception it is made of lace of course!

Necklace was a find from Dorothy Perkins.
This bracelet on the other hand I made myself some time ago. Beautifylly faceted and round black onyx with a simple slide-in clasp.

Easy to achieve finger curls were kept in order with this black bow band I found from my reccent shopping trip to Dublin.

And I danced the night away in one of my favourite shoes by Report. Oh, do I miss New York shoe stores.

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