sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2009

Project Runway showdown

Last night aired the final runway showdown of the Season 6's Project Runway. Althea's, Carol Hannah's and Irina's fashion forward visions were showcased in Bryant Park for the world to see. I enjoyed all of the collections and could easily pick something from each collection to wear. Announcing Irina as the winner of Season 6 was no surprise to me. Her work during the show has been consistent, meticulous and well preceived by the judges as was her collection at Bryant Park. Although I can totally see why she was chosen as the winner of the competition I lost my heart for Carol Hannah's collection. Sure it lacked some cohesion typical for these types of shows, but her garments were to die for. My absolute favourite was her starter piece, which also vowed the judges.

Project Runway - Runway - Fall 09 MBFW

Such a beautifully made piece with fantasic colours. I especially loved the way that black bordering brings out the other colours and the cut of this dress. There were so many pieces in her collection which I could see wearing.

Project Runway - Runway - Fall 09 MBFW

I think these are very flattering designs which work well in normal life not just on a runway show or red carpet. I guess that's why I love them so much. Lot of the clothes on runway shows looks great but I personally find them unwearable in real life. Carol Hannah also offers great gowns for formal evening do's - I mean that is what she does well! Check these out!

Irina's collections had all the cohesion Carol Hannah's was missing. It was edgy and stylish and it even showcased headwear which reminded me of helmets that horse riders wear. Unfortunately, all the magnificent tailoring got lost in the black. It was little depressing almost. But she has some winner pieces I loved. Her jackets were amazing.

Project Runway - Runway - Fall 09 MBFW

Project Runway - Runway - Fall 09 MBFW

Althea's collection was very true to her style seen earlier on the season. Great tailoring of suits and super comfy looking knitwear. As with Irina's collection I felt that Althea's collection lacked some colour. My favourite pieces were her cropped pants suit and oversized cardigan. Lush!

Project Runway - Runway - Fall 09 MBFW

I look forward to catching up with the Project Runway's Finnish version which is aired on Thursdays. Having been abroad for quite few weeks I missed a great deal of the earlier shows, but am hoping that the real talent is really shown at the end. Exciting viewing ahead.

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perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2009

Memories from Africa

I'm working through my existing bead collection before I allow myself to do more shopping. I haven't touched glass beads in quite a while, but got inspired by this handmade pendant I bought years ago from Cape Town, South Africa. Emerald green Svarowski crystals, light green glass drop beads and the plaited silky cord mimic the colours of the pendant. Drop beads have been stitched together to form a beaded beads.

torstai 19. marraskuuta 2009

Czech Glass

These Czech glass rondelles are beautifully faceted with amazing colour which is complemented with the antiqued silver. For the longest of time I couldn't figure why I had bought the strand in the first place. But placed next to antiqued silver tubes it makes a great harmony of colour.

I ended up photographing this necklace again in better light.

tiistai 17. marraskuuta 2009

Mr Grey

Since the snow has gone there seems to be no light outside, not even during the day - it's all grey. Streetlights reflecting from the wet asphalt give a glimmer of sliver amongts all the grey. Time to use these twist beads which I have been sitting on for way too long.

Dark grey Swarovski twist pearls and sterling silver twist beads.

maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2009

Good Hair Day

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I haven't gotten around photographing my latest pieces, so instead I will share my amazement with the hair straighteners. I've had straighteners for good 7 or 8 years. I've owned two pairs of styling irons, both mid-range, reasonably priced and pretty nicely working pieces of electronics. I have heard from GHD (Good Hair Day) long time ago, but always considered them overhyped and overpriced. Recently I had a chance to try a pair. OMG! Why oh why have I wasted all this time on mid-range rubbish when goddess divine is available?!

Not only does my hair look amazing, it also feels amazing. My own straighteners almost scrape the surface of my hair as I pull them through, GHD just glides over the hair. My hair has little bit of a natural curl, especially with humitidy so straighteners are a must for a sleek look. However, regardless of the amount of effort and product I put it for the straightening process the result never lasts longer than 4-8 hours. Two days into GHD my hair is sleek, shiny and beautiful. Which is why.... dear Santa may I please get GHD Styler IV?!! Pretty please!

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sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2009

Closer to home

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I must have gone through twenty different websites in search of reasonably priced Bali-style silver. There are plenty of online shops around - and plenty is what I need! I seem to have exhausted all the basic necessities from daisy spacers to earwires and headpins to bead caps. I desperately need to find a shop which isn't going to take me to the cleaners.

First I thought about using one of online jewelry supply stores in US, but their stock was either out, limited or expensive. Plus I wanted to order other beading supplies from these shops too. After five different attempts to fill out an balanced shopping cart I give up. My order is either too limited or too expensive. Taking the order over €50 will often incur additional costs - money in taxman's pocket you see. This clearly wasn't going work.

My bookmarks soon guide me into an Asian silver bead heaven with an enormous collection, and bead prices to die for. Click for daisy spacers, click click for beads caps, click click click....small print at the bottom suddenly yanked me away from bead heaven. 'Minimum order US$75'. Damn it! How could I have forgotten it? Tiny voice in my head says that I can easily find 75 dollars worth of silver. 'Paying tax on it won't so bad', it whispers. Click, click, click....the shopping cart fills with reasonably priced silver and I am reaching for my credit card. Card number, expiry date, billing address, shipping cost...momentary bead craziness has softened my brain enough to selectively forget the whopping shipping cost from Asia to Europe. Add another 25 dollars to the bill and you will get your goodies. I feel like banging my head against the wall.

My wrist aches, my eyes burn and I feel defeated. Should I just bite the bullet and accept the additional costs? Travel to Bali with an empty suitcase or revise my shopping list? Perhaps, but not today. Today I will write a letter to someone I haven't spoken to a while.

Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like someone to open online shop with following magic incredients;

1) versatile, well stocked collection of Bali silver
2) reasonable prices
3) shop firmly grounded within EU for tax purposes
4) no minimum order
5) and some decent shipping costs!

As I seal my letter to Santa, I wonder if I am the only one with this wish?