tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2009

Best of Bangles

I adore chunky bracelets. They are a snazzy little way to liven up an outfit, easy to slip on (how many can honestly say that bracelets with clasps willl slip on around your wrist in a matter of seconds?) and will not damage your new cardigan by ripping it to threads. Between gold and silver I've always been leaning towards the platinum look, but I find this autumn's black & gold combinations surprisinly appealing. I have added a little bit of both colours on my best of bangles selection and concentrated more on the texture. Here are some of the beauties I would like to take home. And given my artistic capabilities even try to make myself.

From top left hand corner;

Chunky pebble textured bangle in gold from Forever21
Brass bangle with black diamond detail from Nelly.com
Gold filingree and black leather cuff from Forever21
Bangled Cuff in silver from Forever21
Tripe coiled silver bracelet from Saks 5th Ave
Coiled silver cuff from Oasis
Gold & black metallic squares bangle from Forever21
Beaded and sequined Maurizio Pecoraro bangle (from Polyvore)
Gold & black sequined bangle from Forever21

I went a little crazy over Forever21's jewellery section. They were just so adorable! Stay tuned for more of my favourite pics from Forever21's jewellery collection later on in the week.

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