sunnuntai 13. syyskuuta 2009

Let loose in Dublin

Today was a much needed break from work with one agenda only - shopping! I headed to Dublin with some friends to browse what the Irish / Bristish autumn fashion had to offer. Luckily browsing wasn't all I had to do, at the end of a long (and suprisingly enough sunny) day I managed tick every item off my 'neccessity-buy' list and even bag some amazing finds.

Here are few of the things I brought home with me tonight.

Navy blue vest top with beautiful neckline detail from Miss Selfridges (amazing find), slouch leather buckle bag in tan from River Island (neccessity-buy), electric blue ruched purse by John Rocha for Debemhams (neccessity-buy - you should see the shape of my old purse ;-/) and a black bow head band from Aldo (neccessity-buy - my hair accessory for next weekend's wedding).

I have been lusting after a tan (dark beige) leather bag for a while, so I was jumping from joy when I found this beauty screaming my name. My precious!

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