perjantai 11. syyskuuta 2009

Fresh pick of the stars

When looking for an inspiration, I have a habit of covering the floor or dining room table with beads. Slowly moving beads around, matching colours, comparing shapes, admiring textures, I usually come up with something that pleases my eye. Although, the end result can be a beautiful combination of colours wrapped around my neck or wrist, I often end sitting in the middle of an absolute chaos. One which really needs to be cleaned sooner rather than later.

Fresh picks at Lima Beads is a colour and texture arrangement designed to aid inspiration (& undoubtedly increase the sales too). And it just might overcome my cleaning problems. I was fascinated by this tool and rushed off to combine my own creation, only to discover that I could not share it in anywhere else but Lima Beads website.

Sometimes I cannot admit defeat - so here I present;

Starry nightsky by Castalia

Thank you Google Images and Photoshop Elements! And yes, it did take a while.

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