sunnuntai 6. syyskuuta 2009


Many of the US and UK fashion labels carry an inspiring selection of relative inexpensive (except the Anna Beck Riua earrings) jewellery on their collection. Although I usually prefer to hand craft my own pieces to suit my taste, I cannot but be tempted with these seasonal fashion goodies to be mine. Here are best of the large cascading earrings. Since I cannot choose between my traditional favourite silver and my new found love for (black &) gold - I will give you both!

Silver Edition

From left to right; Duchess earrings by Forever 21, Oval floral scale earrings also from Forever 21, Embossed Disc earrings by Diva for Miss Selfridge, Tear drop shaped Anna Beck Riau earrings from Max & Chloe.

(Black &) Gold Edition

From left to right; Black & gold lead shower earrings , Embossed gold leaf earrings, Black & gold shell earrings. First three pairs all from Forever 21. Metallic golden tear drops from Accessorize.

Has anyone attempted to many their own cascading earring pair?

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