tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2009

Another brick on the wall

Now that I have finally returned home and am surrounded by my beading goodies, I find myself either too busy or uninspired to be creative. Looking at all the amazing autumn inspired jewellery presented by other beading junkies I cannot help feeling a little defeated. Perhaps tomorrow I will reserve some quality time with just me and the beads, but then again I will probably end up going to Ikea.

Regardless of what I end up doing tomorrow, today I will share one of my favourite pieces of sudden creativeness -'brick wall'. Rarely have I been so utterly pleased with myself as I was with this one. Mostly because it was my original idea (not that no one else has ever done, just that I haven't seen any before) of combining a seed bead technique for these rather sizeable 8x8 mm squares. Red squares are beautiful red coral with a slightly textured finish, whereas the shiny black onyx squares have an alltogether different surface.

I created the 'chessboard-like' surface by brick-stiching the squares to each other using colourless beading wire. Finding the right type of a needle was the key for the success of this project. I used a large eyed beading needle which was flexible enough not to break if bended. At each end I attached a Bali-style silver 3-way divider and a clasp.

Not the easiest project I have done, but certainly one of the most satisfying to complete :-)

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