perjantai 11. joulukuuta 2009

Cleaning my closet

Out with the old, in with the new. It is time for the annual Christmas cleaning. In my case this does not mean scrubbing the kitchen cupboards and hard to reach places, but to organise my beading supplies. I have once again entered that desperate 'ME WANTS' stage and spent hours drooling at online shops. I managed to depart from a fair amount of beads and I am hoping to fill that space with some beauties. I still cannot decide whether I should be brave and buy from Etsy for the first time ever?

Tempting me for my first Etsy order are these beautiful gemstones

Amazing faceted black tourmalated quartz rondelles, and...

(Images borrowed from Etsy)
Blue faceted mystic quartz 3D cubes. Gorgeous, right? Just the right of bling for festive season.

I also would like some relatively inexpensive glass pearls for making personalised multilayered long beads in different shades. I found a nice selection of colours and sizes from Vitabeads, prices weren't bad either.

(Images borrowed from Vitabeads)

I know that lot of beaders from Helmetti have ordered from Etsy. Perhaps someone could tell me about their experiences? (Finnish: Oletteko tilanneet Etsystä? Minkälaisia kokemuksia teillä on ko. paikasta?)

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