tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2009

Beaded accessories

Coming season's trends are something to for the bead enthusiasts to get excited about. Spring 2010 RTW (ready to wear) runway show featured beads not only in their traditional form as jewelry but also as wearable accessories. Here are some of the coolest snaps from the show for all to admire.

Balmain's seed beaded and patterned sandals on left and right and bead and pearl embellished sandal by Vionnet. I'd quite like Balmain's colouful flat sandals for my spring / summer wardrobe.

All images in these photo creations have been borrowed from www.style.com

Trussardi's seed beaded accessories are remarkable creations of handicraft. I wonder if this trend is going to catch on retail fashion. If so, all of you talented beadeders get your bead purse projects underway now and cash in name and fame when spring comes!

More of jewelry trends from Spring 2010 RTW coming up later on.

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