maanantai 21. joulukuuta 2009

Once more with the feeling

Has it ever happened to you...? Realising that even best laid plans don't always execute quite like you wished for.

Yesterday I had it all laid out. All my tools and (finally) well stocked beading pantry neatly arranged in front of me - but no inspiration. Somewhere between the US postal sorting office and my mail box I had lost my design. Hours of nervous twiddling later I gave up and and rummaged through the little less used section of my supplies. I was frustrated and itching to get on beading so I picked up something forgetten which I didn't mind messing.

I can't be sure if it was my favourite book (Shantaram) or the incense sticks I was burning (or both) what inspired me to create something quite unsual for me- India. Necklace made of Christmas tree green freshwater pearls and antique gold plated metals beads and findings.

First I was quite unsure of this colour combination, but more I see it, more I am convinced that I managed to take this away from frumpy old lady towards ethnic and hip.

2 kommenttia:

  1. aivan ihana, jos et itse pidä niin mä kyl voin :)

  2. voi taivas miten upea! oon ihan rakastunut tähän koruun...
    t: marika