lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2009

Order In

I received my first order from Jewelry Supply :-)) With excitement I examined my package and was SO pleased with the quality of the findings. Since the bulk of my order consisted of ball end headpins I was dreading that they would turn out to be 'golf clubs' (flattened irregular lumps, resembling more a golf club than a golf ball).

My main reason for trying a new online shop was that I finally found a place that stocked larger collection of gun metal findings. Jewelry Supply has a great collection of gun metal chains and those much needed ball end headpins, which I could not find elsewhere. On top of that they appear to be of very good quality!

I my opinion Jewelry Supply scored high on;

+ Great metal selection on finding and chains available (14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Gold filled, Copper, Brass, Pewter and Base metals including Gun Metal etc.)
+ Good quality
+ Prices similar or slightly lower to other major US bead shops
+ Shipping costs to Finland only $5.27 !!!!
+ Appealing selection of copper beads and interesting looking Tibetan beads

I would give a small minus for

- Somewhat long delivery time (+ 2 weeks) which was due to long handling time (6 days)
- Gemstone selection. Althought many different types of gemstone were available, there are mostly just smooth rounds beads, which can be little boring.

Over all Jewelry Supply delivered to my expectations and I will most definately be ordering from here again.

Happy beading weekend to All!

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