torstai 20. elokuuta 2009

Throwing Copper

In the past two years the size of my copper and brass collections have at least tripled in size. Here are some of my favorite pieces which I wear time and time again.
I found this large copper component from a little Turkish shop on a holiday and made it into a simple long necklace. Bit of sparkle is given by Swarovski bicones.
This bracelet was made to match the necklace above. I used many of my left over ('end-of-the-line') crystals here and added couple of antiqued copper charms. I am little bothered about the apparent colour difference between the chain and the charms. Luckily it is not quite so visible when worn.
I love long necklaces which dangle down to mid torso to give a simple outfit a bit of bling (not to mention drawing eyes away from the tummy). I've used small faceted glass beads and freshwater pearls in many shades of coffee brown and toffee cream and added few larger beads with great lustre to add some weight.
These green lace stone gemstones stood in my cupboard for a very long time until they made it into this recycled necklace. Rectangular copper swirl originates from a pair of old earrings.

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