torstai 20. elokuuta 2009

New wave of inspiration

I started my beading hobby four years ago and have acquired quite a gallery of photos. I will return to the early days of my beading hobby at another time, as I have finally some new pieces which I am eager to share.
This bright necklace was my first case if inspiration after a long hiatus in beading. I have teamed up fuchsia pink mother-of-pearl oval donuts and flat rounded silver foil beads with antique copper chains, links and charms. The charms were hand picked from a small Turkish bead shops last October.

I wanted a chunky bracelet in earthy colours to join my large collection of brass necklaces. 10 to 14 mm glass beads in bronze, toffee and brown colours are balanced with brass beads and bead caps. I think I will get lot of use out of this one.

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