maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

Neatly boxed

One of benefits of this hobby is that I have jewelry for all occasions and some extra. Downside of it is that I am struggling to find neat, functionable and pretty ways to store my jewerly. I have two stands on my dressing table, one for earrings, another for necklaces. However, most of my jewerly is stored in boxes and drawers where they get tangled up.

My bedroom is decorated in classic white with a hint of colour. I would like to maintain light and airy feel of the bedroom and thus have been looking for ways to store my jewelry that fits this criteria. Mostly I've come across rather ornate and colourful jewelry boxes, but luckily Zara Home had some amazing boxes which could work as jewelry storage and they are so cute!

I was hoping my internet searched would have turned up modern white or black leather boxes with neat compartments. No such luck. If you know where I can find some please let me know. Also....I wish I could present much prettier layouts, but my laptop is still out of picture and with it all possibilities of image manipultion.

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