maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2010

Down time

On return from New Year's celebrations I arrived home to find my laptop in a sorry state. Somehow its screen had been damaged and was newly decorated with horizontal and vertical stripes! Luckily I have a comprehensive home insurance to carry on the financial burden of such mysterious failures in technology, but the outlook of not having a computer for couple of weeks was pretty upsetting.

Imagine my horror now 18 days later of the incident, 15 days in the computer repair shop, zillion query phone calls and emails later and they haven't even ordered the parts. They were supposed to get an repair estimate for the insurance company in 3 days, it has now been two weeks. How bloody difficult it is to send the stupid estimate? Needles to say that I'm frustrated. Once I get the estimate it still needs to go through my insurance company and once the repair shop has received the money they can only start ordering spare parts. Any guesses how long this is gonna take? Judging by their performance so far - f****g forever.

I miss you Vaio.... come home soon

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