maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2009

Good Hair Day

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I haven't gotten around photographing my latest pieces, so instead I will share my amazement with the hair straighteners. I've had straighteners for good 7 or 8 years. I've owned two pairs of styling irons, both mid-range, reasonably priced and pretty nicely working pieces of electronics. I have heard from GHD (Good Hair Day) long time ago, but always considered them overhyped and overpriced. Recently I had a chance to try a pair. OMG! Why oh why have I wasted all this time on mid-range rubbish when goddess divine is available?!

Not only does my hair look amazing, it also feels amazing. My own straighteners almost scrape the surface of my hair as I pull them through, GHD just glides over the hair. My hair has little bit of a natural curl, especially with humitidy so straighteners are a must for a sleek look. However, regardless of the amount of effort and product I put it for the straightening process the result never lasts longer than 4-8 hours. Two days into GHD my hair is sleek, shiny and beautiful. Which is why.... dear Santa may I please get GHD Styler IV?!! Pretty please!

picture borrowed from

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