maanantai 26. lokakuuta 2009

Learning French

Few years ago I discovered French beading blogs which were ultimately responsible for an un-reasonable amount of delica beads, heaps of snapped fine needles and a stiff neck. In return I tried and discovered the tiny secrets of the seed beading world.

I believe Tulipe was where it all started and who's designs and instructions I studied to produce my very own French-style jewellery.

I adored the way that the French beaders mixed colours to create such beautiful beaded pendants. My creations were more in tune with the earthy colour scheme which I had grown use to at the time. Before this I had never used cabochons and took the easy way out by starting with Swarovski's cabochons which could be mounted into a metal setting. These metal settings / mountings have small holes at the back which can be used as a starting point with the thread.

My second discovery was beaded beads, which led to countless of hours of frustration until I finally managed to create my first own beaded beads. I absolutely love beaded beads and wanted to make a necklace which consisted solely of large beaded beads. Once I discovered that even with some practice I took me anything between 45 minutes to hour and a half to create one bead I reluctantly abandoned the idea. Perhaps one day...

What I ended up creating has still been one of the most loved pieces I have ever made.

Diving back into the archive of my beading hobby has its benefits. I had totally forgetten how nice the black resin beads were, which I used the the black beaded beads necklace. I think it is time to do some shopping!

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