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Au Oz = USD1,052.00

Pretty pricey, huh? Have you seen those adverts where they coax you to turn your unwanted gold into cash?

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For those of us who store decades and decades of ugly birthday, anniversary or christmas gifts from their husbands and boyfriends - it is time to raid the jewellery box and get rid of the junk! Gold price sky high you can exchange your ugly arse jewellery (that you would have never picked yourself) into cash and treat yourself for something new, something YOU will like!

How to pick what goes and what stays?
Normally a good rule of thumb is to discard anything you haven't worn in the past year or two. This is the rule normally applied to ones wardrobe. What is the point in storing jeans from you teenage years in a hope they will fit you once again? Let's face it - for most of us, it's never gonna happen. Be cautious though. Many of us have inherited jewellery from our parents or grandparents which although, we will never wear, will hold much more value than the simple conversion of ounces to cash. Besides sentimental value, your family heirloom may turn out to be sought after antique. So, do your homework!

My jewellery box contains very little gold, so I can forget about turning my gold for cash. 90% of my gold jewellery is self-made and rest just don't make up enough to be worthwhile. In fact, up till I started making my own jewellery (some 4-5 years ago) I passionately hated gold. I'm still not the biggest fan, but I have made few pieces which I quite like.

'Dime' is made of 24k gold and swarovski crystals.

'Golden Touch' has beautiful natural white freshwater pearls and 24k gold.

Faceted citrine drops and 24K gold make up these dangling 'Goldilocks' earrings.

Exquisite lemon smoky quartz droplets from Earth Bazaar on 24k chain make up 'Whisky&Jack'.

Although, I think that turning unwanted things to cash is a great idea, I don't think I am quite ready to start turning my gold to cash. Would you?

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